IP Webcam

  • nikolas_3 There is currently not native IP-WebCam support in Hyperion.

    If you run Hyperion on a Unix based device, you might search, if it is possible to stream Webcam output into a v4l2-loopback device.

    Alternatively, someone might build an adapter turning a WebCam stream into a protobuf or flatbuffer stream hyperion understands.

    So a kind of DIY Solution in the spirit of Hyperion…

    Happy hearing back, if you found some way.

  • is it possible to configure an ip webcam as video capture and remove the one in usb?

    i know ( i am in the field engineering) that some IP camera's has the option to stream a analoque image.

    most of times this analoque jack ( 3.5mm something like this) is used to calibrate the camera in the field before having it online and reachable on the IP network.

    this is the fastest way to calibrate the camera.

    > so what you can do> find out if the IP camera you want to use has an analoque out, this image you can use directly to connect it to a composite jack and put that jack into a AV/USB capturing device and your golden.

    if you want the how and whatever then contact me .

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