Cant get led string to light up

  • Roku stick to 2:1 HDMI splitter (REI w/EDID), on HDMI to TV, the other HDMI to HDMI Video Capture (HDMI in and USB out), USB into Rasberry Pi B running HyperBian-lite.

    The LED light strip (WS2812B) is connected to the Rasperry Pi +5 and ground and a second 5v supply is also powering the LED strip (with common ground). The LED strip data wire is connected to Raspberry Pi GPIO 18.

    From my desktop, I log into the ip address of the RPi port 8090 and configure as follows:

    Controller Type ws281x

    LED Output ON

    Max LED count 300

    GPIO number 18

    Hardware LED count 300

    Enable USB capture

    Video Capture device USB Video

    USB Capture activated

    Internet API Access activated

    When I click the monitor icon at the top right of my screen, I see the actual content being displayed on the TV as well as the correct colors for the LED's around the screen. This "simulator" seams to indicate that the software is working but I have no activity on the LED strip.

    I have also tried disconnecting all the source material and simply putting the software into a "continuous test" within the effects configurator just to see if I could get some LED's to light up but no joy.

    Any ideas ???

  • You are right it seems to be leds, if you have a separate power coming from a power block for led, why power from pi too?

    If you are running hyperbian 10, I have same issue too, read this link for resolution... Read Me


    On subject of that thread, some one Lightning-guy77 please explain where exactly do I type this.. dtparam=audio=off in config.txt boot section? is there a file and where in file does it go (sorry no speak parcel tongue)

  • Only the grounds of the two power supplies are connected. RPi and LED's have separate +5v.

    Since I downloaded the disk image from the Hyperion-project site, I had assumed that any stuff like "run at root privilege" would have already been set in the disk image. Am I incorrect? Do I have to go in and tweak code to make it run even though I am using the hyperion project disk image?

    Thanks, Lloyd

  • @irlinnel

    , I had assumed that any stuff like "run at root privilege" would have already been set in the disk image.

    With the latest HyperBian images, Hyperion is not longer run under root per default to do justice to security.

    Nevertheless, for one LEDs this is still required. Here you have the option to change it yourself.

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