stops working when switching channels to HDMI splitter.

  • problem: when switching with hdmi splitter from ps4 to android tv xiaomi s3 or vice versa. The backlight disappears and the video capture card disappears in Hyperion. After that, only reboot helps.

  • probably happens because Hyperion.NG sees terminated videostream on the v4l2 interface and shutsoff.

    somewhere here on the forum was a code when if Hyperion.NG has a disruption on v4l2 interface and shutdown then it will bootup automatically

    you have to search but code its here.

    or maybe a HDCP problem, videostream disrupts in the splitter when switched over source.

    if i was you i double check the HDMI settings into your device, and see if its ready for HDCP protocol :)

  • think Lightning-guy77 may have cracked it or wladi^^

    Might be worthwhile running this command before you do the post on adding the udev rule

    ps ax | grep hyperion

    if it shows you something like this

    LibreELEC:~ # ps ax | grep hyperion
    21081 root     17h10 /storage/hyperion/bin/hyperiond --userdata /storage/hyperion/
    28998 root      0:00 grep hyperion

    that shows mine is running as root, if yours shows pi instead of root, then pay attention near the end of the post :thumbup:

    if your not too comfortable in the terminal just use the Copy button at the end of each codeblock - as sometimes its easy to missout vital . or other things you may not think is relevant or added in by mistake

    some terminals require you to manually go to edit menu then paste

    Good Luck

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