where can i download alpha 9 or older versions which works?

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    Most of the users face the issue that they running ws281x LEDs but that by default do not work. The reason is that for ws281x LEDs Hyperion needs to be run under root.

    For security reasons Hyperion does not longer run under root per default on a Hyperbian image.

    Before you go through the burden of compiling yourself or install other images, I would suggest you first check why Hyperion alpha10 is not working on your case.

    That will

    a) Help all of us, if is a general Problem

    b) Save you a good effort of time…

    PS: If you see an „mmap“ Error in your log, it is the „run under root“ problem.

    The solution is already described in the forum.

  • Solution of this issue

    I have the same problem ws281x pi zero alpha 10

    But it working after try solution of Lighting-guy77

    in terminal of raspi;

    sudo systemctl disable --now hyperion@pi

    sudo systemctl enable --now hyperion@root

    sudo reboot now

  • Just for anyone reading this post, I also had issues, but they were a minor fix for all over better system. It's like anything new, we just have to understand it first.

    Loving alpha 10 now. ps, ws281X users - libreELEC 9.2.8 and unofficial alpha 10 install works out the box, just like 9, if you leave pi connect to tv via HDMI (doesn't need to be selected source on the TV though).

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