1st time setup - I can only get my LEDs to light up white! Followed Chris Majestic's instructions...

  • I'm setting my system up according to Chris Majestic's youtube instructions for an ambilight TV system (

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    ) and I've hit a snag today. I'm using a Pi 4 Model B to control a strip of WS2812B LEDs. I am receiving a good image in hyperion but the pi doesn't seem to be sending data to the strip. Instead, every LED illuminates white. I have a wire running from pin 12 of the board to both data wires on the correct side of the LED strip and I'm using controller type ws281x. Any assistance would be MUCH appreciated!

  • since no one else has posted, ill get the ball rolling ^^ going by the "good image in Hyperion" im assuming you can see the preview from the capture card etc.

    The pin12 to both data wires doesn't sound right, you got a pic of your wiring?

    When you were setting up your LED Controller - I take it you used GPIO 18 in that box and not 12?

    A look at the log might give a clue..

    Look at the top right of Hyperion Dashboard - wrench icon and change Settings Level to Expert and save it

    then go to left menu,

    System -> Log and change logging level to debug and save it

    Remote Control -> Components Control - toggle the LED output off then on again then do same for capture device or pick a colour from the Colors/Effects section

    Go back to System -> Log and you should have some info in that box to paste into code blocks here

  • Hi Davieboy! I'm back at it today trying to make chicken soup out of chicken poop. First I'll answer your questions then I'll copy the log information I'm seeing today.

    Yes, I'm seeing a good preview from the capture card.

    I'm using a 12v LED strip that has a primary and backup data wire. The tutorial I watched said to use both lines. I have switched to the primary data wire only but see no changes.

    Yes, I'm using GPIO18 for the LED controller.

    Here is the last few lines from the log after cycling the USB capture and LED outputs:

    I've noticed that every time I go back to the dashboard, the LED output is OFF.

    Let me know what you think! Thanks for your help.



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    If the LED device is off then the device is in error.

    Switch it on and then share the log with us, if it is off again.

  • Hi there! I'm having a similar issue.

    Got the RPi3, plugged everything correctly (common ground between ws2815 and RPi3, data and backup to GPIO18 and 12v to power supply). Plugged the capture card and I was seeing output in the preview window.

    Problem is, no LED light up, at all.

    I tried to change the GPIO port to GPIO10, and got the LEDs to light up, but only in white. If I Try changing color via Hyperion APP on my phone, the color changes to the one I set for a second and then turns back to white.

    I'm desperate, please help.

    (Also, I'm running Hyperion as root, I think)

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