USB capture on UI switches off every time HDMI signal goes off/changes

  • Hey Guys,

    I have seen similar threads, but cannot find now.

    So, I'm running libreELEC 9.2 with I changed to 3 input capture card, but every time the HDMI signal drops (even same source changing apps) the USB capture has to be reset in Hyperion UI.

    The USB capture is much better for colour matching than last one( pclin will post you specs) , but this is a major issue, having to reset every time.

    Thanks for any assistance.


  • EDID data is always exchanged when the resolution or the sound format changes

    Did you turn off all devices (without power) when you changed the card?

    Then first supply the TV with power again.

    regards pclin

  • Same issue.

    I'm running all sources - xbox one x, ps5, PC, xiaomi 4k box, into a Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar, then the soundbar output into the capture card/switcher, which has other inputs at this point, a nintendo and a ps3, then onto the projector (used this way on previous card, no issue). It must be being caused by signal loss in the switcher to the USB output when there is a signal change. I'm told there is a code work around Paulchen-Panther do you know of anything?

    Thanks Guys

    amend: on old capture card I could even unplug the USB and when put back lights still on

    amend 2: its the Sennheiser that signal drops out on (I think), although again was not an issue on old card

  • might need altered to suit libreelec

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