First LED staying white

  • Hello everyone

    The first LED of the strip is staying on white or green and not following the displayed colors from the capture software or effects from Hyperion. Sometimes the first LED is off and not lighting up at all, mostly when I first power up the setup. Then after a short while the first LED comes on and stays white.

    This started when I added a level shift converter to the data line GPIO 10 on the Pi3. The level shift converter has solved the random color flickering, but the first LED is a problem now.

    Besides the first LED the setup is working well.

    Anybody know why or how I can fix this ?


    - +/- 7m 402 LED strip SK6812 RGBW

    -Raspberry Pi 3

    -5v 60amp power supply powering the leds and pi

    -Capacitor across the positive and negative power wire to the led strip

    -Baud rate 5000000

    -I had a resistor inline on the data line but that caused the led strip not to work at all with the level shift converter.

    -Capture source: Hyperion Screen Capture

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sounds like the first LED is dead. You can test this with a bridge of jumper cable from Data In from the first LED to Data In the 2nd LED. If the other LEDs working, cut the first.

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