Raw UDP Data not correct above number of leds

  • Hi,

    I created an udpraw output data. I defined 192 leds. I Made a Led Frame layout with top 64, bottom 64,left 32, right 32 leds. When I read the UDP stream I get 567 packets which is correct (192 * RGB). But when I display the data it looks like only the first 381 (127 * RGB) bytes values are correct. After that I get garbage? Is this a bug?


  • I had been testing with 96 leds ever since I encountered the problem. I switched back to 192 leds now to test and now it works????? I didn't change my code. I did switch to another capture device. So maybe my input wasn't clean. I don't know. But it seems to have been a problem on my end. I'm very sorry. Please close this thread and accept my apologies.

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