How can I configure Hyperion for ceiling (recessed) lighting? (re: LED layout)

  • I've been able to successfully connect my Hue BR30 ceilings lights to Hyperion and I've also enabled Hue Entertainment.

    Everything is working great, but how can I configure the LED layout? It seems like it only supports looking at the TV but not a "ceiling" configuration. (ie. I have 4 bulbs in the ceiling spread out across the room)

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    sofakng via the LEDLayout you configure which area of a grabbed screen is assigned to a bulb. The Wizard will support you in assigning pee defined areas, but you could define custom ones too.

    The Wizard and Hue configuration has in alpha10 a bug why configuration does not works currently. This has been fixed already and with the next Release the configuration will work again.

    Hoping that clarifies. If not do not hesitate to come back…

  • Thanks for the help!

    I'm aware of the bug in the Hue wizard but I've used the Hue API directly to generate a username/clientkey (and entertainment area) just to experiment and it's working perfectly. I'll be curious to see how the wizard generates the LED layout though.

    It looks like the custom layouts require you to assign each bulb to certain areas of the TV screen. Is it possible to assign all bulbs to the center of the screen or something similar? I'm thinking the ceiling lights should set the ambiance/average lighting of the scene and the TV LEDs would be the specific frame, etc.

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    To give you a start, I just configured four bulbs with the default template for you:

    1. Top Left
    2. Top
    3. Top Right
    4. Whole Screen

    The related custom config is as such

    This is just a sample. You can edit as per your preference.
    If two bulbs share the same area, just duplicate the records.
    Note: One bulb corresponds to one LED in Hyperion.

    More details you find in the related documentation:


  • I'm so sorry I didn't see this reply until now. Thank you so much for the help!

    I've just received my LED strips so I'm going to install and use them as well.

    If I understand correctly, your template assigns Hue Bulb 1 to the colors in the top left of the TV, Hue Bulb 2 to the middle colors, and Bulb 3 to the top right colors.

    Does Hue Bulb 4 show the "average" color of the entire frame?

    For example, can I configure all bulbs like bulb 4 so all ceiling lights just show the same color (which is an average of the entire picture frame) ?

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    Does Hue Bulb 4 show the "average" color of the entire frame?


    can I configure all bulbs like bulb 4 so all ceiling lights just show the same color

    Sure. I have just given you some sample records that you might want to use.

    Of course you can define all the same.

    It depends on your physical setup and what you would Libero achieve.

    Just give it a try. If it is running, you might want to play with alternative setups…. ;)

    Edit: If you want to have Hue Lights running in parallel with a light strip, please note that you have to create an additional instance in Hyperion.

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