Setting for led strip Ws2811 12v

  • Hello everyone!

    This is my first time doing this project and I'm having some issues with the led strip setting.

    I've bought a Ws2811 12v 60led/mt Ip65 Pixel Magic 5mts strip for this project.

    I notice some difference with the regular strips used in the tutorials. The LED strip has 3 led length per pixel, that means if I want to turn on the first pixel the first 3 leds will turn on. How does that work in Hyperion?

    I tried to set the setting with all the leds (see pic below)

    And also with the third part of all the leds (see pic below)

    But in both cases the led strip start to randomly show colors.

    How can I set the correct setting to my led strip?

    Is my led strip compatible with the system?

    Thank you so much for your time!! :)


    the ledstrip you have is only capable to steer a led in 3's, so one led in Hyperion led configurator is in fact 3 leds on your ledstrip.

    look at the link above, mostly is chosen APA102 HD107 SK9822 SK6812 ws2812B WS2813 WS2815 for hyperion project.

    anyway if you want to use this strip then you have to divide the maximum ledcount by 3

    so 90 leds on your ledstrip in total is 30 leds programmed in Hyperion.

    the random colours can mean the following: you overdone the maximumledcount so the ledstrip can not function properly

    PWM is not running correctly because Hyperion doesn't run as root

    > you can check that by the startup of Hyperion> is there a bootup effect/ yes? then PWM needs to be altered that hyperion can run it as root user

    no? ledcontroller doesn't recognize/ can not steer your strip/

    however: its possible to steer the strip trough SPI and PWM

    you chosen PWM but you can also try SPI ledcontroller that suits your strip.

    settings SPI dev0 > hardware GPIO10 ( hardware PIN 19)

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