Hyperion will not control more than 122 WLED APA102

  • I've read that 490 is the maximum for Hyperion and WLED. My installation has about 250 LEDs. If I reduce the number of LEDs in the Hyperion edge setup, it works with fewer than 122 LEDs and exactly 122, but 123 and above only light up the first 122.

    • Raspberry Pi Zero Hyperbian 2.0.0-alpha.9
    • HDMI USB capture card (but manual mode is the same)
    • NodeMCU ESP8266 driving LEDs
    • APA102 LEDs
    • 5V injected at beginning and end of strip. Measured > 4.5v in the middle
    • WLED with IP address and updraw with port 19446 yield the same results
    • I have another Hyperion (hosted in a Docker on my server, not on this Pi and separate WLED NodeMCU) on the same network with 122 LEDs controller by wled, not udpraw. This feels like too much of a coincidence.

    The lights stop in the middle of the strip, not at a connector.

    All LEDs work when controlled by WLED UI - effects and solid colors are both good.
    When I click the Peek in WLED and Hyperion is controlling WLED, I see less half the bar of available LEDs lit (i.e. matches what's displayed).

    This seems similar to https://www.reddit.com/r/WLED/…first_few_leds_only_work/ but my issue was not fixed with a switch to udpraw

    Sample of Hyperion logs: https://pastebin.com/avE3as2a

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