Connecting APA102 Raspberry Pi 4 to Windows 10

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the noob question,

    I would like to use the internal screen grabber/recorder within a windows 10 Hyperion installation, and send this signal to a set of APA102 LEDs. I do have a raspberry pi 4, which i plan on using as the LED’s controller - however I am not sure how to connect the windows install to the Raspberry Pi.

    I’ve been looking for answers but there is a lot out there and I couldn’t find anything in the docs. If there are any other ways to do this (using Arduino etc I would happy to do that too).

    Thanks in advance.

  • I have the same setup, Windows screen grabber and APA102 on Raspi in living room.

    You have to search for Sabaat windows screen grabber Windows.

    I think it was sabaat

  • henryhargreaves456 Just to complete the picture...

    If you are ready running hyperion on Windows, you can also forward your first instance to another hyperion e.g. on rpi
    You configure the "Forwarder" via the "Network Services" menu.

    Replace the Target Hostname/IP text with the rpi's hostname or IP-Address

    Then you can play effects from hyperion Winodws too.

    Alternatively, you the command line utility "hyperion-qt.exe" which you find in "C:\Program Files\Hyperion\bin"

    Third option is (if you do not want making use of the rpi4), to connect the LEDs to an ESP (e.g. Wemos D1) and stream hyperions output via Wifi to WLED running on the ESP.

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