Interesting led/hyperion behaviour

  • Hello Folks!

    Im faceing an issue i can not fix.

    I decided to search for an answer wherever I could but with no result, so I decided to ask for help here.

    Over a week ago I had power cut in my flat. Since then when all devices switched off after some time I got a rainbow behind my TV :/

    My setup is:

    Shield TV -> Onkyo AVR -> hdmi capute card - TV

    When all switched off hyperion (the latest version) behaves as should - all gets black (effect background color active) unfortunately after some time, an hour I belive got a rainbow behind my tv.

    Onkyo has HDMI passtrough on, so screen saver from shield should send only black colour to the hyperion. Still...after a time rainbow occurs so I switching leds off manualy via hyperion panel.

    Any tips, or ideas how to sort it out? TBF I think I have done all in my knowlege to sort it out.

    Happy Weekend Guys!

  • Shield TV -> Onkyo AVR -> hdmi capture card - TV

    I have a Shield myself and know that's not providing rainbow,

    what you can try, at the moment the "rainbow" on leds occur, begin with detaching the HDMI capture card.

    if signal stops then detach the HDMI connector from the capture card and test again and do the same with your Onkyo AVR and so on.

    in this way you can find out ( probably) from where the rainbow signal is coming from.

    My guess is that you don't turn off the PI/Hyperion but only deactivate the devices all the time in normal situation and Hyperion is still running, if that's the case then "rainbow" signal has to be visible in live feed of Hyperion as leds is lit into the rainbow effect.

    so the signal then has to come from somewhere, if you follow the steps mentioned then you should find the source of it.


    With my setup the "rainbow" is formed when there's no HDMI signal on HDMI2AV converter, i am running composite analog still

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