LEDs not responding properly on USB input signal

  • Hi,

    I'm grabbing a USB camera signal (see my configuration below) and the LEDs react weirdly.

    First, I captured a Samsung TV screen. The LEDs responded very irregularly and seldom matched the colors on the screen.

    To find the bug, I'm now using my Smartphone to show a single color full screen (using the app "Pocket Softbox") and see what happens with the LEDs. Well, the colors only match when I start my Raspi or restart the Hyperion service in an SSH session using the command

    sudo -s
    systemctl restart hyperion@pi.service

    However, when I change the color on that screen, one of the following effects occurs:


    • the LEDs do not react at all or
    • the LEDs react with a delay of 15 to 60 seconds and many (not all) LEDs show an almost matching color or
    • the LEDs react with a delay and show another random, non-repeating pattern

    I checked back with the Live Video Preview in Hyperion.NG and this matches the captured screen. It's just the LEDs not working.

    For a comparison, I also used a TV grabber (with Macrosil chipset) - which also leads to weird LED reactions while the Live Video Preview is fine.

    This is my configuration:


    • Raspi 3b+
    • Webcam Logitech Pro 9000 (which is recognized as UVC camera)
    • TV grabber EasyDay EasyCap DC60 with Macrosil Chipset
    • LED strip WS2801


    • Hyperbian with Hyperion.NG Alpha 10

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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