most easy to use and error free LED strip?

  • howdy all!

    I'm on the hunt for the most straight fwd and error-free LED strip light for running hyperion.

    This question stems from me trying to use a "RGBW SK6812" LED strip i had left over from a previous project, and failing miserably in getting a working hyperion going! doh!

    If it matters, I am using it with a "raspberry pi 3 model b" using the gpio pins. (I seemingly have the grabber end of things working ok)

    I did find this:

    and it states "We highly recommend the 4-Wire/clocked/synchronous Chipsets! They work directly on RPis SPI-Port without big known issues" but then the table underneath doesn't seem to specify (or at least I can't figure it out!) which might be the 4-Wire/clocked/synchronous chipset variety.

    any tips for an elderly gentlemen appreciated!



  • APA102 great colours ( SK9822 is a cheap clone, less quality and lumen) but expensive i have those in 60L/mtr

    ws2801 really easy to install, colours are "hard" no softtoning, very hard reds/blue's and such, but white is lightblue and pink and light colours are almost not there.

    these two are 4 line ledstrips i used.…822-WS2813-APA102-SK9822/

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