Configuration of SK6812 RGBW in hyperion NG

  • Good day Folks,

    I decided to replace my WS2812B with SK6812 with white led.

    My question is how to configure it in hyperion? My previous setup was via GPIO 18, now new leds are connected to the same pin, but im getting only white colour.

    When controller changed in hyperion I need to put a SPI device. I got two to choose:


    non of the above works, any idea? Guide? Or I have done mistake in connections with led strips?

    Kind regards,


  • good day Tomasz,

    first of all SK6812 is 3 line strip, you have to use SPI ledcontroller for that, maybe you can do that with PWM (GPIO18) but didn't see this happening here on the forum, so maybe that works also but maybe not.

    I read a post of someone that had the same ledstrip, settings below should be enough to fire it.

    GPIO in Hyperion Led config should be the same as physical PIN on GPIO which is used on the Raspi.

    in your case use PIN19 ( GPIO10) for the Data DIN

    Change SPI to 0.0

    follow this guide:

    if i remember correct, SK6812 needs high baudrate to run.

    go to led menu at SPI controller and increase the SPI bus.

    recommended settings sk6812 RGBW ledstrip;

    • running SPI led controller, device 0 SPI 0
    • GPIO 10
    • baud rate quite high 5900000
    • no levelsifter needed
    • white algorythm, white color is OFF

    see this site>>


  • Thank You for answer!

    My problem was in wiring... long story.

    In hyperion still use GPIO 18 and controller for WS281X it's working perfectly

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