Random color flickering -- Rpi4, WS2812b, capture card

  • I've got hyperbian all up and running. The pi set-up phase was relatively painless. I've hooked up 163 WS2812b LEDs to a 5v10a supply, a cheap-o amazon capture card that gives a solid live video feed to the hyperion web interface.

    However, the lights themselves are misbehaving. As opposed to the smooth soothing ambilight you would expect, the LEDs are performing something more akin to spongebob's jelly fish rave. Each LED is flickering random colors really quickly and constantly. Sometimes there is a large handful of LEDs that give off a solid color for a few seconds, but mostly it's just really fast and random color flickering.

    I have noticed that it definitely IS reacting to the video feed, though. A test of a solid bright, white screen will light up a majority of the LEDs as bright white with a small handful of LEDs who still think they're on a DJ table. Please note that the fast, random flickering happens constantly, even on static images.

    Also, sometimes it doesn't use all of the LEDs. Out of 163, sometimes it will stop dead at 155. And I also have a leading tail of about 8 LEDs (idk why), and sometimes it will use all of them (by going past the max limit I gave it in the config, like 171/163).

    I think the PWM is all messed up. I'm gonna take a break from this time pit and when I come back I'm going to re-flash hyperbian. If that doesn't work I'm gonna track down a new pi (mine is several years old at this point).

    Thanks for reading!

  • this only works in Hyperbian 2.11

    for PWM, in terminal execute

    sudo updateHyperionUser -u root

    connect the ledstrip at both sides to +5volts and GND, so beginning and end. It will even the current/powerdrop that you have over a distance in the strip.

    do you have a common GND? connect all GND together please :)

    so ledstrip/Raspi/PSU V- / GND everything together an test again.

  • Hi,

    almost same problem here. Should i open a new thread ?

    I'm using Raspberry Pi 2B + WS2812b (5m/300 leds) + 4k usb capture card + 5V 10A supply.

    Hyperbian 2.0.0-alpha.11 / Controller type ws281x

    For now, i'm just testing my leds and my leds change colors very fast when i'm using RGB Byte Order Wizard or Hyperion Free or through the capture card.

    I tried :

    sudo updateHyperionUser -u root


    Problem still there.

    Thank you for your help!

  • this only works in Hyperbian 2.11

    for PWM, in terminal execute

    I meant Hyperion.NG version 2.11

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