Problem getting true colors from grabber. Works perfect from hyperion APP

  • Hi all, from Barcelona,

    First of all, sorry for my non perfect English ;)

    I configured my lightberry using hyperion last February and it worked perfect until now (after several problems with my power supply and five grabbers until I get the real one with the right chipset).

    The problem is that my cat walked rear the Tv and touched one of the wires of the pi. I supposed the problem was that my power supply failed again and didn't mention to the cat-walk (I didn't know at the moment. I bought another power sypply and the problem still...until I saw what was the real problem (cat and cable).

    Also I bought a new 1 IN to 2 OUTPUTS HDMI device because the original one died.

    Now it's working again but the colors look perfect if I execute the hyperion APK on the smartphone or if I run the java program in my computer. I can send the colors and bright perfect.

    But if I use youtube, for example, to test an ambilight video, I can see that red and blue colors seems to be great, but yellow color bright like white and gren color like soft-blue or white also.

    So... where can I find the problem? I don't know what happends. maybe the 1 IN-2OUT hdmi device?

    The hyperion config file is the same, with 255 in every color as usual.

    Thanks in advance.


  • I've just solved it. I don't know the reason...but something happened and the solution was to modify parameters in COLOR options (inside json)

    I think I should have modifyied something inside hypercon and it was sent to the raspberry, but I didn't remember.

    Today I have been modifying the json adding this kind of values:

    "blue": {

    "threshold": 0.050000000000000003,

    "blacklevel": 0,

    "whitelevel": 0.84999999999999998,

    "gamma": 2.0


    instead the original I've seen since yesterday:

    "pureBlue" :
    "redChannel" : 0,
    "greenChannel" : 0,
    "blueChannel" : 70

  • Hypercon?? we al already with new software.

    started with Hyperion.NG ( new generation) 1.00 and now are on 2.11 Alpha.

    i suggest you check it out.

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