USB Capture does not start on system boot, requires a Hyperion@.service restart

  • This is a new issue for me. I'm not sure when it started, but upon a reboot of my Unbuntu 18.04 system, Hyperion USB Capture does not work. Upon a restart of the Hyperion@username.service it is fixed. Another way to fix it is to disable the USB Capture and then reenable it. Let me know if I can clarify the issue any bit. Thanks!

    Here is the log for the initial boot up of Hyperion with a system reboot:

  • Here is the Log for the Hyperion restart where the USB Capture works right away:

    Hyperion System Summary Report (My Hyperion Config), Reported instance: unknown

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    mvgilly Are you sure that it is the USB-Capture that does not work?
    Or are you guessing that the USB-Capture does not work as the LEDs do not update?

    The latter might be the case, as the LED device reported a problem in the log.

    It indicates a network problem.

    2021-11-03T01:37:22.859Z [hyperiond LEDDEVICE] (WARNING) ( Write Error: (7) Unable to send a message

    In case you are using WLED, I would anyway suggest you make use of Hyperion's WLED device rather than using an UDP one.

  • I've had better reliability in the past using udpdraw, but I switched to WLED as the device to try it out. Below is the log of the hyperion start on the system boot.

    I'm relatively certain it is the USB Capture.Hyperion boots with no issues and my WLED device shows that it is being run by hyperion, but no LEDs light up. Additionally, when I view the LED visualization, the Live Video is blank.

    Additionally, comparing the log of the hyperion boot at system start vs the hyperion reboot, I see this message on the first one:


    2021-11-03T01:37:22.815Z [hyperiond V4L2] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:141:init()) Configured device at '/dev/video0' is not available.

    vs on a hyperion reboot after system start:


    2021-11-03T03:56:05.756Z [hyperiond V4L2] (DEBUG) (V4L2Grabber.cpp:151:init()) Set device (path) to: USB Video: USB Video (/dev/video0)

    The only way to fix it is restart hyperion after the system reboot or to disable USB Capture -> save -> Activate USB Capture -> Save

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