Internal Capture behaves strange shows wrong colors

  • hey

    so I´m really not sure if this is a software thing or maybe even a problem out of Hyperion but maybe someone has a clue about this?

    I use Wled, an amlogic 905x box running librelec to play videos and the Hyperion.NG instance.

    WLED is setup correct, colors good, all matches. Also Hyperion setup is fine, color setup shows red=red green=green. Response is good.

    BUT, when running videos the wrong colors show up, i figured out the internal capture gets false colors, everything red is blue, green is yellow and so on.

    I can set the LED strip to the "wrong" setting, GBR instead of RGB, to work around this, but the result in videos is not very well.

    I checked the preview window in the web UI.So the internal capture acts just strange, sometimes it starts randomly to capture the correct colors, then of course my trick with the color order doesn't work, sometimes it captures just wild lines in black and white or a black picture with some white dots, looks like a stucked frame from the grabber. It also just freezes and shuts down hyperion at all, where it sometimes just restarts or stays dark, while the system keeps on playing the video. While all this happens the LED part is exactly showing what the grabber send him, so there should be no problem on this area.

    I tried changing the resolution for the capture device, capture framerate etc. but there is no order in this, the problems occur with high and low resolutions, fast and slow frames.....

    Any hint or direction to look at would be great, as I´m really impressed with the system so far, besides from the grabber part ;( .

  • Alright, so I need to correct two facts, its a AMlogic S912 Box running Coreelec, but still it should be cappable of running this setup.

    After playing around a bit more i noticed the internal capture does only work with SD videos, all HD/UHD files end up in a snowstorm. Grabbed colors are always off/inverted. I attached the config file.

    I ordered an HDMI grabber, to use the ambilight also with 4k streaming from an TV stick, since there is no way to grab the internal apps from the TV as I understand. We´ll see how that works .

    internal capture

    Live Picture

    HD video

    SD Video

    ok i think i have some sort of result, If I set the capture to full HD resolution 1920X1080, colors match HD and UHD material is working. But in the menu or on SD material the colors are off again, seems like there is a problem when the Box is changing its output resolution....

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  • as far as I know this is the latest version in Coreelec, I need to wait for the next release.

    as I wrote before, it works now if I use the full HD resolution for the grabber, only problem is all 4:3 videos and the menu have altered colors. But I rather live with this matter, as the other way around.

    first try with a grabber was not realy succesfull due to compatibilty problems with splitter Receiver and TV, I ordered a splitter and separate grabber now.... I got a ton of movies, but I really would like to have the lights also working while streaming prime or netflix

  • as far as I know this is the latest version in Coreelec, I need to wait for the next release.

    You might want to check again. The config you shared tells different....

    As the latest version of hyperion will be available in CoreElec soon, you could of cause wait for that one too.

  • I´m aware that the coreelec version is not the latest release of hyperion, but Coreelec does not allow sudo or apt-get, and the update button in the web interface is deactivated atm. Is there another way to install the latest release ?

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