Raspberry Pi Desktop Ambilight

  • I finally moved from the "old" Hyperion to the new one, but I don't understand a few things anymore compared to the original version where you had to upload the config through the .jar file.

    The problem I find is that everything seems to be working fine, get the rainbow effect on starting up the raspberry pi. But when the desktop has started up, no lights anymore matching the desktop background. In the old version it used to start up with the lights on using the internal screen grabber.

    My question is how do you setup Hyperion through the WEBUI to startup with the lights turned on, matching the backdrop of the desktop?

  • Thanks for you reply. You mean the camera icon? That seems to work until you close the browser window and then it stops. And you have to do it manually every time? After a reboot it's gone again. With the previous iteration you could enable it and it would start up every time the Pi booted up.

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