RPI4 USB Issue

  • Hey everyone,

    So i had my ambilight setup running perfectly with a rpi3 B+ for months. I recently obtained a rpi4 B 4GB.

    Since installing the rpi4 im having issues with the capture card (with loop). I've tested the setup with the capture card connected to my PC via the USB & no issue there just with the pi.

    Has anyone had issues with their pi possibly recognizing the USB incorrectly?

    lsusb gives "Bus 001 Device 013: ID 534d:2109" for the capture card

    My test setup was Laptop HDMI out -> Capture Card -> HDMI out to monitor && USB out (RPI4/Laptop)

    When i had the laptop plugged in the capture card worked correctly, projecting the screen to the monitor. When i plugged it into the pi the monitor acted as a second monitor (as if i'd connected the monitor directly to the laptop).

    Any help is greatly appreciated (I gave my rpi3 to a friend to do the same set up thinking the rpi4 would be better haha so i can't just replace it).

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    stick the capturing device into the USB2.0 slot and try again.

    if that's no sollution then update the firmware


    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get upgrade

    these commands will push the new updates to your machine> when connected to internet ofcourse

    for the rest what to do, let me have a look

    try this

    apt-get install hdmi2usb-mode-switch

    if that doesn't work, SSH or terminal

    apt-cache search firmware

    find these 2

    1. hdmi2usb-fx2-firmware - FX2 firmware for hdmi2usb board development
    2. fxload - Firmware download to EZ-USB devices

    and execute them

  • Awesome! Looks like everything was up to date except hdmi2usb-mode-switch

    I've installed, updated & reboot. It's working right now. Will let it ride on my test setup for a while & see how it goes.

    Really appreciate it mate!

  • I'd say we're back in business!

    For anyone who runs into this problem the only addition to the above post is is how you power up your set up.

    The only sure fire way i got mine to work is to power the capture card before attaching anything to it. (i'm using the cheap Ali Express card with Loop you see posted all over the forum). Attach the HDMI out, HDMI in & USB. Lastly power up the rpi.

    It seems as long as the rpi is powered last & everything else is powered prior it works like a charm.


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