My setup overview - usb cam ideas needed

  • Hi Everyone,

    I would like to share my current setup and maybe ask for your eventual ideas on how to improve the experience.

    1. I 3d printed small brackets meant to hold the leds on the back of TV with just a small pieces of tesa mount tape.

    2. Used d1mini and uploaded WLED project onto it serving 5v via pin to power d1mini board and i soldered cheap WS2812B from popular chinese market to 5v power, Ground and one of the free pins (close one) .

    3. Next I 3d printed small enclosure for d1 mini with cut outs for the wires and used fairly strong 2,5A usb charger to power it on. I have around 260 leds around the tv and it works very well for over 7 months now.

    4. Configured WLED - chose the pin for leds and all other cosmetic stuff.

    5. Currently i run Hyperion on Raspberry pi 2B with cheap full hd USB cam. Setup is about 4 meters away from the TV.

    6. Hyperion is set to grab the usb capture from the usb cam and serve it via Wifi to d1mini which controls the LEDs.

    To my suprise the whole setup actually runs pretty good and no delay to the leds. The problem i have today is that my USB cam is very bright to begin with. When I play with v4l2-ctl values i get close and in general I'm satisfied but still when i run the YT ambilight tests the image that camera sees is too bright. When the color in the scene is getting darker and juicier the accuracy is 100% othewise if there is a light blue sky and let's say sand the leds are not accurate (hyperion preview shows that the scene is very bright).

    I'm also looking to move the setup directly behind the TV and have camera mounted 15-20cm from the tv (55")- below it. The cam i use now doesn't have the wide angle view so that the whole tv would fit in the cam frame. Do you guys have any idea what kind of wide angle usb cam to invest in (not very expensive) so that i would eliminate the brightnes issues and could mimic govee concept with the cam? Any brand and model would be very helpful.

    I was also thinking to buy cheap smartphone fisheye lens 190 degrees or something like that and play with the current cam hoping to achieve desired result (15 max 20 cm from the bottom of the tv) - do you think it would work?

    I also very much wait for the changes promissed in:…F3UiNR5r1CSjCwCUwC3791VnI

    as this would be great for usb cam setups. Maybe another good idea would be to allow wifi cams sync wyth hyperion , although not sure if that would impact the latency between leds and cam grabber.

    Otherwise what do you think in general about the setup?

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