Desk setup beginner

  • Hi,

    I'm totally new to this project but I can't wait to start building my own build.

    Before I can do this, I need some advice, I have a desk with 2 monitors, both connected to a docking station, one monitor has a hdmi switch so I can switch to my PS4.

    I still have a RPi 3b+ laying around that I like to use and a 5m 30led per meter ws2812b, I was thinking of making 2 instances and controlling 1 monitor per instance. Found the information that this is possible by wiring the data cables of the strip to for example GPIO18 and GPIO10, so far so good.

    Now I have 1 question left that I wasn't able to find a answer to, like I said, I have 2 monitors so 2 HDMI cables, should I buy 2 capture cards with loopback and can I connect them both via USB and will this work? Or is there a better solution?

    I use an MacBook Pro in the docking, but the Hyperion app is not an options because I also like to use the ambilight while gaming on the PS4.

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