Flickering/flashing while screen capture at 25f/s

  • I've 100 5v LEDs attached to Arduino Micro (w/ adalight firmware upload) and I'm grabbing my screes using hyperion-ng 2.0.12. Now the symptoms:

    - while playing dark movies (such as Ad astra) when screen is mostly dark, there frequent bright flashes (there is no correlation between screen and which leds flashes)

    - when display static desktop screen there less less frequent flickering (most/all of leds goes dark for a fraction of second)

    - there is *no* flickering/flashing when playing any of special effect

    - I've replaced power supplies, led strips, Adalight hardware (tried occasionally ESP w/ WLED firmware as well)

    - Method of screen grabbing does not matter: X11, QT, XCB

    - To limit current I've lower brightness to 50% - no improvment

    Now the interesting: if I increase the framerate of screen grabbing from 25 frames/s to 50/60 f/s those symptoms are mostly gone.

    However I've no idea why... Does anyone has some idea? Or maybe the problem lies elsewhere and increasing framerate solves only part of my problem?

  • OK - seem to be solved. The culprit: Nvidia and screen capture. According to multiple sources Flipping feature (enabled by default) causes artifacts while screen capture. After unchecking Allow Flipping in nvidia-settings (under Open-GL) this issue has disappear for me

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