No LED lights up with Raspberry pi 3b and WS2812b

  • Hi, everyone,

    I have just registered here because I can't get any further despite intensive reading.

    I have a Raspberry pi 3b and am trying to use it to operate a WS2812b on an external power supply unit including a level shifter.

    Unfortunately I don't get a single pixel to light up.

    The hardware seems ok because if I go by this guide https://tutorials-raspberrypi.…rgb-led-streifen-steuern/ everything works fine. I have now tried without the grabber, but nothing happens when the system boots.

    Anyone have any idea what I might have done wrong?

    Thank you

    P.S.: Antworten auch sehr gerne auf deutsch, auch wenn das hier nicht wirklich gewünscht ist.

    Aber sonst muss ich alles durch den google Übersetzter jagen und da wissen wir ja alle was dabei raus kommen kann;)

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