Help with headless raspberry pi settings with hyperbian installed

  • Hey everyone,

    New here, pretty capable with figuring things out. I’ve done my entire hyperbian setup with just searching what’s already currently on the web.

    This is a bit of a two for one, a question and an issue.

    So I’m running a raspberry pi 4 for the hyperbian image on it and I have it in a case with a fan. I’d like to be able to adjust my properties for when the fan runs but due to the hyperbian image I can not ssh into the raspberry pi to be able to control the fan through the gpio pins. I’d love for some leads on how I can go about achieving this as, yes my noctua A4x10 fan is practically silent compared to the Raspberry Pi case fan I originally had, but I definitely don’t need it running 24/7.

    As for the second part of this, I’m noticing that during use of the TV and Hyperion either Hyperion cuts out due to poor connection to my wifi or for some reason my WLED setup is taking over randomly. So to explain, I have my WLED setup for an all purple light, when I turn my tv on I go into the WLED app and turn off over ride mode so that Hyperion controls the lights. In the background WLED is set to purple lights with Hyperion over riding that control. Randomly the lights will all turn purple while watching a show. Secondly I will have the TV off and the lights will turn off due to no input signal to Hyperion, in the WLED app the Hyperion is still over riding the WLED control as I don’t always switch this to have lights on. Out of no where the lights will turn on the my WLED settings and then immediately turn off. At night when I’m trying to go to bed this can be a nuisance.

    Some additional background, I’m utilizing my setup completely wirelessly right now, and I’m using a crappy Xfinity modem (soon to be replaced). I’m also going to work on getting a wired Ethernet connection to my setup as I believe this might solve the issue. But if anyone thinks this is being caused by something else please let me know as I’d like to fix both of these concerns immediately.

    Again thank you!

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