Is it possible to use PC 5v addressable RGB strips with Hyperion?

  • I'm completely new to Hyperion but have built custom lighting setups in PC's for a while (so I have lots of spare parts around).

    Should it be possible to drive a generic 30-LED 5v strip designed to be driven by a PC header (or controller) directly from Hyperion? If so, how would you set up the strip in Hyperion? Which controller would you select, for example?

    I did try it; wired a JST connector to an external 5v 10A supply + GPIO18 and connected the strip. Nothing happened at all. Stayed dark, no matter what I tried in Hyperion, and through startup and shutdown. Curious whether it should be possible to make it work and if not why not - what's so different about these strips sold for PC's vs the ones typically used with Hyperion etc?

  • are u sure PWM is used correct?

    did you:

    put this line into config.txt


    PWm doesn't run when user runs under PI, it has to run under root permissions
    execute this in terminal, after this reboot
    sudo updateHyperionUser -u root

    then try again your PWM ledcontroller, its ofcourse possible this is not the correct controller for the strip and will not fire but....

    you can see in dashboard into localIP:8090 if the ledservice is running :)


    I did try it; wired a JST connector to an external 5v 10A supply + GPIO18

    what i forgot to mention, use also a common ground from the PSU to the PI and ledstrip.

  • I did make a common ground connection. I used the Hyperbian image and (lazily) assumed that the config.txt changes were baked in because I thought I recalled some random internet post somewhere saying they were, but I should have checked. I'll do that today - thanks for the pointer.

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