How do LED directions in Nanoleaf work?

  • Hi,

    I'm thinking in adding a WLED controlled LED ambience light similar to Nanoleafs Canvas to my Ambilight setup.

    Probably 3d printed or something like that. When I thought about it, one technical question popped up.

    How do the LED in nanoleafs actually work? You can connect these things at every side. It seems the data works in both directions and not just one way like led stripes.

    I don't need that, but it made me curious how that works in general.

    Does anyone know how it is done?

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    The Nanoleaf controller provides the location of each tile relative to each other.
    In the Hyperion Nanleaf device configuration, you can define how the tiles are numbered.
    Default is to do it left to right starting from top and downwards.

    The attached picture illustrates it.
    Here I defined my Nanoleafs via a custom layout in Hyperion.
    The LED numbers give you the numbering scheme (regardless of the layout)

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