LED strip colours not lining up with image, slight offset

  • I'm running HyperHDR version 17.0 on a Raspberry Pi 3. I have a 4k 60fps capture card with loop out, my Nvidia shield TV is sending the image to my capture card, which passes the image through the HDMI out to my tv, and sends the captured image via USB to my raspberry pi. Behind my TV, I have WS2812B led strips mounted along the horizontal and vertical edges without any gaps really. The led strips are controlled by a simple wifi controller which is running WLED version 0.13.0-b6 "Toki".

    Colours look good, if can cycle through single colours on a colour wheel on youtube and they led strip will do a great job matching. The problem is noticeable when you have multiple colours. Say I have 4 colours, one per quarter of the screen, which are rotating in a circular motion clockwise. What happens is that the individual LED's behind the TV have a slight offset. ex: if the top right of the screen is blue, the top strip of my led will have some blue in the middle or even towards the left, and on the right edge of the screen it begins the next colour (whatever is at the bottom of the screen before it should. Looking at the screen grab being received by HyperHDR, and the LED configuration that I've set up, everything looks correct. If what I'm seeing in the "live preview" is what it is sending to wled, then perhaps the problem is on the wled side? Screenshots below for reference.

    I've tried using a software screen grabber "hyperion android screen grabber" and have the exact same issue, though based on what I'm seeing in the live preview via the web portal, in both cases the image it receives looks correct. It's like I need to "shift" the led's clockwise by a certain offset, but none of the options in the "hardware setup" in HyperHDR seem to do that, they are more for duplicating however my physical strips are set up behind the tv (which looks correct). This is also unlikely a performance issue, because I can pause the video to be a still image and the same problem exists. Is this something that can be resolved on the HyperLED/Hyperion side, or is it likely a problem with WLED and/or my led controller?

    Doh! Nevermind, I've sorted this out (user error). I was sure that LED 0 was at the top left corner, but when I created a "segment" in WLED I immediately saw the mistake. My controller input actually starts at the bottom left. After a simple update in HyperHDR (change input posision to 110) everything is perfect now. :)

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    Your input position probably doesn't match your layout.

    Take a screenshot and attach it here.

    regards pclin

  • Yeah that was exactly what it was, I had the controller connected to a different starting strip so input had to start at the 110th led based on the layout

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