Advice for ambilight in my bookshelf coves

  • I had typed out a whole thing apparently lost. Would like advice how to extend ambilight to the marked areas in their respective location with the screen

  • I'm running a pi3b with hdi grabber and splitter running Hyperion out of my Sony reciever. I've ran some 12 gauge wires on the top of the cove hoping that's the right approach. I'm running the 300 led strip that's around the TV with an esp32 running WLED. I'd like to extend the glow to the upper and lower sections of the book shelves. Please offer assistance in wiring and software configuration to match the current TV's glow.

  • How would you like the Led's in the 4 zones to shine?

    The two upper ones matching TV above, bottom matching TV below?

    Depending on how you want them to shine, you will need 2 or 4 additional ESP with WLED.

    Create corresponding instances in Hyperion and make the LED layout for it.

    regards pclin

  • regards pclin

  • Thanks that is what I had in mind for the layout. With the suggestion does this controlled with sync in WLED or a setting in Hyperion? You mentioned instances is that present in the HDR variant?

  • Create 4 ESP with WLED and 4 instances in Hyperion. Create LED layout according to your ideas.

    regards pclin

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