Setup wiring/schematics for building of HDMI 4k tv route and/or 1080p route trough receiver >>> Hyperion

  • hello Guys of hyperion.

    Let me start by explaining this topic,

    I made a sollution for normal 1080P receivers and 4k HDMI/TV to "connect" them together and still have all the functionality of CEC/ARC/E_ARC/HDCP2.2 / Dolby/ Dolby + and so on, for every source now i have the HDMI HDCP2.2 to Ambilight!

    I am very happy with this because now i can use my old receiver and new hardware together without having to switch HDMI cables when i want to use my receiver HDMI inputs, for example watching Bluray on 1080P or playing my vintage Sega Megadrive with ambilight, using google chromecast or even wireless HDMI from my desktop PC . 8|8o

    I used some equipment to make this happen, let me explain what hardware i use for this.

    -Nvidia Shield PRO

    -4K splitter to 4K/1080P ( Xolorspace) DHCP2.2

    -4K audio extractor ( aliexpress)

    -Onkyo 6 HDMI inputs and two outputs 1080P HDMI receiver ( but no HDCP!! they didn't invented that yet in 2009 :)

    - only high quality HDMI 2.1 cables

    - 4K Samsung tv, 2 HDMI ports used,

    HDMI-1 main,

    HDMI-2 E-ARC channel + 1080P

    i connected everything together,

    • the output1 of my receiver is connected to HDMI port 2 on 4K tv
    • the output2 of my receiver is connected to HDMI port 1 on 4K tv
    • the HDMI output of 4K audio extractor ( 720p black image) goes to input 4 of Onkyo Receiver
    • the HDMI output of 4k splitter ( 1080P) goes to input 6 of Onkyo receiver

    i hope this helps someone who is struggling with Hyperion connected to old and new hardware!

    And for every HDMI source having Ambilight available without the problems of missing

    CEC/E-ARC/ARC/HDCP and so on

    questions?? shoot!


    if you want to have the E-ARC audio signals ( Enhanced audio return channel) from the 4ktv and connect it to your 1080P receiver.... then you have to connect the ARC HDMI port of your tv on the HDMI OUT port of your receiver.

    most of times HDMI ports of TV's states the implements of E-ARC or ARC build within the HDMI port, RTFM! :thumbup:

    i programmed the two HDMI ports out on the receiver as HDMI Both out and HDMI signals goes trough. ( no altering of signals)

    Hyperion works with no trouble connected to HDMI port OUT 2 :whistling:


    of course you still have to switch between HDMI port 1 and 2 to see the desired content on your 4k TV , you can do that on remote of TV

    example, if i want the receiver inputs i switch on TV to HDMI port 2 and use receiver HDMI channel selector

    if i want the Nvidia Shield PRO with Youtube/Netflix etc then i switch tv to HDMI port 1

  • this is the new drawing of my current setup.

  • what happens in a nutshell:

    the 1080P HDMI sources goes all to my receiver, so every source ( except the 4k-tv) is connected to the HDMI IN on the back, in total there are 6 channels IN.

    2 HDMI ports are for HDMI OUT

    port 1 goes to HDMI port 1 of tv ( menu receiver/ HDMI port for 1080P content)

    port 2 goes to HDMI LOOP device IN, out is connected with USB to the Raspberry.

    this setup i made is very multifunctional, because the receiver switches the HDMI i have now my hyperion on every channel

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