Please help new user with new setup

  • Hey all been scrounging this forums hoping to find info to help me with my setup. I followed the tutorial from Chris at Majestechs. I tried contacting him but never heard back. I followed his tutorial and using his hardware list. Here is my hardware list.

    Raspberry Pi 4b (4gb ram)


    Power Supply: LED Driver 250W 12V, Waterproof IP67 LED Transformer, LED Power Supply 110V AC to 12V DC Low Voltage Output

    USB Capture: 4K HDMI Video Capture Card, Cam Link Card Game Capture Card Audio Capture Adapter HDMI to USB 2.0 Record Capture Device for Streaming, Live Broadcasting, Video Conference, Teaching, Gaming(Black)

    HDMI Splitter: gofanco Prophecy 1x4 HDMI 2.0 Gaming Splitter with HDR (4K) to SDR (1080p)

    Hyperion is logged and or running as root. Only a part of my LEDs blink in all different colors. I know that my capture card is working as I can see my screen mimicked inside of the Hyperbian software. Not sure where I can pull a log file from Hyperbian that would show my setup.

    I do see a message that says "Hyperion Status" Stopped after my Pi boots into Hyperbian. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

    Would love some help from the experts. Lot of $$$ to spend for it not to be working correctly.

  • Ws2815 run on 12 volts, did you have a common ground (gnd) between the v- of PSU and the GND ledstrip and the Raspi??

    Connect minimal 2 GND pins from raspi to these joints.

    You have to log in as expert )) right top of webpage.

    Then go to Logs and get the Debug log and post on Pastebin with a link here :)

  • Hey Lightning guy, thanks for getting back so quickly. In regards to your questions. 1. Yes I have a common ground going from the 12v PWS, the Pi and the LED's as instructed by Majestech in the image below. Although the image below is using a 5v PWS mine is 12v using a 4 wire LED (WS2815).


    In regards to your other question, I am logged in as an expert. Then I go to system then log and don't see any debug log. What I see is what I posted below.

  • Log-Level = Debug

    regards pclin

  • with this strip you can only use ONE datawire, so only DI NOT BI ( is for backup)

    not both on the same strip!

    use or GPIO18 PWM OR GPIO10 SPI

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