Hyperion stop working

  • Hello, i have some trubles. Hyperion starts good, led strip is working ok, all is good, but after some time Raspberry Pi Zero crashes, and connection is lost, hyperion stop working. I connected RPI to hdmi and made photo, because i can't see log, remote server lost connection. I am using Raspberry Pi Zero W, Raspberry Pi OS Lite(Legacy) Buster, also installed berrylan. Splitter is Ezcoo and capture card BlueAVS HDMI to usb, led strip sk9822. Hyperion version: 2.0.13.

    Does any one know what to do with this ?))

  • kernel panic - either a corrupt SD card, software, or performance problem.

    Pi Zero quickly reaches its limits.

    regards pclin

  • I would google the output in the picture in post #1, then you will find out very quickly what the problem is.

    Unfortunately you can't see much in the picture and certainly not copy & paste so you have to look for it yourself.

    regards pclin

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