anyway to hire someone to make one for you?

  • Does anyone here custom build a setup to people here? i have a lightpack1 on a 75 inch TV (3 strips) and want something similar when buying a new HDR tv.

    but im not technical. does anyone here do custom builds to people?

  • I am technician and this is the first time I see someone ask about building a Hyperion.NG system for another person :)

    Let me say it like this.

    If you have all the technical data how you want the Hyperion.NG system, and buy all the stuff needed for building your system... then yes I can help you building here on the forum.

    I am living in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 so mostly it doesn't make any sence to send your system by packetservices around the globe.

    Too much that can happen along the way, even when you would transfer money to me and i do the purchase of the materials and building.

    So no,

    I don't make the system for other persons but, I know that there was a member here that made a DIY box with hyperion and everything in it.

  • There are also shops that specialize in this, e.g. Robert from Insanelights.

    regards pclin

  • Lightning-guy77

    I don't think there'd by any issue with it getting damaged during transit. It could be shipped around the world in less than a week. And considering that the Philips Hue solution costs over $500 USD, which people happily pay for, there's definitely a market for this and considerable profit to be made.

    I came to this forum looking for the same thing as OP, and was honestly surprised that no one has started doing this yet.

    The only real issue I can think of is the security risk... whether the person creating these puts some kind of malicious software onto the Raspberry Pi and they access your network or are able to spy on your screen's output and relay images to themselves.

  • Lightning-guy77

    I don't think there'd by any issue with it getting damaged during transit. It could be shipped around the world in less than a week.

    the problem is not the sending but most packages don't appear at all if they are being sended from 🇳🇱

    I have experience in that because if I order something on AliExpress than everything is being shipped 🚢 and arrive on my doorstep.

    The other way around to Asian countries is alot of hassle for just consuments that are not companies. My girlfriend lives there so my experience isn't great with sending private packages or letters that will NEVER see daylight again.

    You know why? Asian government in countries help the export of their products to for instance Europe or others by extra paying fees for shipments so the costumer and company's are shure that the item is being sended and received.

    And that's only one reason, I have much more.

    I am not doing it because its simple, I am no business, don't want to be and have all the hassle with forum guys in here that they paid and it never arrived. Also no time for that, I have a demanding job.

    There you have it, the answer is still 👎

    I am sure there are guys in here who CAN help you with the build.

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