Hyperion LED output mirrored

  • EDIT: Please disregard, this issue happens with LEDFx as well, just hadn't noticed it. Must be an WLED issue....

    I have Hyperion 2.0.13 running on a Windows 10 PC.

    It connects to WLED SR 0.13.2 running on an ESP32 controller just fine, I've been using that controller for other projects.

    Currently I only have one WS2812B string hooked up to the ESP32, 63 LEDs on the "top" side of the TV.

    When I use Hyperion, the LEDs act as though the output from Hyperion is being mirrored...

    For example, using the Knight Rider effect, it starts with both ends of the string lit up red, and as they both reach the middle of the string, they disappear, until the effect (would) reaches the other end, reverses, and once it reaches the middle again, the mirror effect returns, with two lit red LEDs moving from center to ends of the single LED strip.

    The expected result from the Knight Rider effect is that the LEDs light up from left to right, and reverses each time it reaches the end...

    Also if I place something bright at the top right corner of the screen image (using this TV as PC monitor), both ends of the top string light up. Place something bright on the top left of screen.... nothing.

    At first I thought this was an issue with the screen capture, but the fact that it happens with the Knight Rider (and every other) effect makes me think there is something wrong with the LED control output from Hyperion to WLED.

    Also worth noting is that I have LEDFx running on this PC, and it does not exhibit this strange mirrored LED strip effect...

    EDIT: Happens in LEDFx as well, so likely an WLED issue rather than Hyperion...

    Any ideas? Not sure if this is a bug or configuration issue or what, but the fact that both WLED and LEDFx controlling WLED work fine, must be a Hyperion issue...

    Thanks for any insight you may have!

  • Do WLED effects work properly?

    Without knowing your settings it will be hard to help.

    regards pclin

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