Rpi2 + WS2801leds not works at all with new Hyperion deployment at LibreElec

  • Hello guys,

    i use a Raspberry Pi 2 with LibreElec 10.2 media center. I needed to update from LE 9.2, there i used a HyperCron/Hyperion installment with WS2801 leds. Leds are connected to the GPIO clock and data pins. Everything was fine, the leds worked perfectly.

    Today i needed to upgrade to LE 10.2 and my previous Hyperion deployment wasn't able to start because of python dependencies... ok no problem, lets update something.

    I found this Hyperion-project site and i've installed and set everything what i needed, but leds not lights when i navigate in my Kodi or starts a video. :/

    I made the following steps:

    -wget -qO- https://git.io/Jz5Qp | bash

    -its finished and i can reach the control panel at 8090 port.

    -i set the ws2801 controller, i changed the byte order to RBG and configured the numbers and positions of my leds.

    When i start my Rpi machine the rainbow effect lights. When i go into the Effect configuratior, every effect lights fine.

    Maybe something is missing to start the lighting when video starts, or Kodi needed something else? :/

    Thank you for tips

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