Hyperiond on Ubuntu 20.04 does not drive the LEDs

  • I installed the terminal program on the same distribution, the leds are driven by an arduino nano, after a bit of testing everything works correctly. The evidence is due to the fact that the hyperiond demon did not communicate with arduino. Another computer with the same version of hyperion and the same configurations (adalight capture hardware on / dev / ttyUSB0) can't get the leds to work. Using the arduino ide I verified that the arduino nano is correctly seen and programmed. Starting the arduino ide together with hyperiond does not find the / dev / ttyUSB0 port occupied.
    With hyperiond running, the / dev / ttyUSB0 port is correctly paired with the hyperiond daemon
    $ lsof / dev / ttyUSB0
    hyperiond 8220 luca 35u CHR 188,0 0t0 672 / dev / ttyUSB0
    There are no errors in the logs, no errors are seen when launching the daemon from the terminal. I have cleanly reinstalled and reinstalled several versions of the program several times without being able to see it working.
    It all seems correct to me but the demon is unable to control the LEDs.
    What am I wrong or how can I fix it?

  • I am sorry to hear that, mate. I hope you can set it up again.

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