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  • Hello goodfolk

    I am planning a led-setup and I was wondering if you guys and so kind to share your opinions.

    I wanted to use my LG C2 77 inch in combination with hyperion and piccap so the leds can match what is being displayed. I had this setup on my previous TV however due to some mistake on my part,( I moved the power supply and for some reason the wires melted and shorted the leds with some burning as a consequence) I am a bit nervous on putting the leds on the screen directly.

    So my solution is to create a wooden frame behind the screen which almost match the TV size minus 3 cm on each side. Would the led effects still be significant if the leds are placed on the outside of the frame so around the frame (red lines in attachment). Or should I make the frame stand around 5 cm from the wall and face the leds towards the wall? (blue lines in the attachment)

    I will attach some screenshots to make it clearer. The red lines would dictate around the frame and blue lines would be the 5 cm from the wall frame.

    The second screenshot is the total room setup. The vertical column beside the tv will be plexiglass being hold in place by a wooden frame with sk6812 NW 60 Led strips behind it. The plexiglass is 3MM thick and lets 32% light pass through according to specs.

    Any suggestions are welcome!

  • Take a look at my topics (under my name) to see how I made a ledframe for 65” tv

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