Multiple video capture devices ?

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to Hyperion and setting up my new install (pi 3, HyperHDR, WS2812B) and its all working fine. I have an Onkyo receiver where all my HDMI inputs (kodi, Blu-Ray) go into and then 1 HDMI ARC cable goes from the Onkyo receiver to my TV with ARC. The Onkyo drives a soundbar and subwoofer. Because of the ARC when I change volume on the TV remote both the TV and Onkyo soundbar change which is fine.

    I found that if I put the capture device on the single HDMI that carries the ARC then Hyperion works fine but the ARC / integrated volume control stops working which is no good. Doing some googling it looks like you cant split ARC using a standard HDMI splitter. My only other thought was to put individual capture cards before the HDMIs hit the Onkyo and plug the multiple USBs from the capture cards into the pi3. I'm just wondring if this will work or does anyone have any better solution ? I noticed I can select "automatic " on the USB capture tab instead of selecting a single item. Would Hyperion be clever enough to see which USB is the current active one ?

    Any insights appreciated..

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    No, that doesn't work, you need a splitter or matrix with ARC.

    regards pclin

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