I cant turn on the leds in Windows 11 - The log said: Device disabled, device 'adalight' signals error: 'Access denied.'

  • I have Hyperion with autostart in Windows 11 but the leds doesnt turn on.

    The log:

  • 2022-12-24T11:45:42.594Z [LEDDEVICE] (INFO) Opening UART: COM5

    are you sure this USB port wasn't used by another application? baudrate set oke?

    reinstall your USB HUB on windows.

    Hyperbian 2.0.13 Alpha, specialist in hardware sollutions, build DIY Hyperion.NG relaisbox, inside 2 Raspi for Hyperion Ambilight and Retropie

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    See also my (new coming) threads and also you can build Ambilight together with Hyperion! :thumbup: ^^

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