Recommended Hardware?

  • Hi,

    I'm currently running a Hyperion instance with the following hardware:

    If I run 4k through the system, I constantly loose the HDMI connection (jumping in and out of no-signal). Turning off 4k does reduce the errors down to once a day or so.

    It feels like the pi4 can't handle 4K? Is there better hardware or a different setup I can use to avoid these problems?

    Thanks for your help

  • yes use a good 4k splitter that downscales to 1080p

    4K to TV

    1080p to Rullz USB capture device



    Hyperbian 2.0.13 Alpha, specialist in hardware sollutions, build DIY Hyperion.NG relaisbox, inside 2 Raspi for Hyperion Ambilight and Retropie

    Ledstrip; HD107s 60L/mtr 260 leds (2023)

    Philips HUE; playbars and GU10 spots (2022)

    See also my (new coming) threads and also you can build Ambilight together with Hyperion! :thumbup: ^^

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