New Hyperion Mobile App

  • Hey there!

    I'm excited to announce the launch of Hyperion Control, a new app that puts you in control of your Hyperion setup.

    Key Features:

    • 🌟 Manage Multiple Servers: Seamlessly control multiple Hyperion servers hassle-free.
    • 🎨 Easy Color Selection: Pick vibrant colors effortlessly using our cool hue wheel.
    • ✨ Effects: Get creative with a range of dazzling effects for your LEDs.
    • 🔴 Power On and Off: Conveniently switch your LEDs on and off with a tap.

    I'll will try updating and adding new features to Hyperion Control. Consider this version a beta release, providing you with the basic essentials to get started.

    I'll be launching the iOS version of Hyperion Control on the Apple Store in the coming days. So stay tuned for that!

    I must mention that since this is a beta release, there's a chance you may encounter a bug or two along the way. But don't worry! I'm here to make this app as smooth and flawless as possible. If you come across any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please don't hesitate to reach out and report them to me. Your valuable feedback will help me squash those bugs and make the necessary improvements promptly.

    By the way, I started this project for fun and to learn more about Flutter. Your feedback and ideas mean a lot to me, so feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions.

    Download Hyperion Control now from the :



  • I am trying to publish the app to the Apple Store, but it got rejected with the following message and resolving steps:

    Anybody an idea where i can get the authorisation, or who I can address to get the authorisation?

    Kind regards,

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