Phillips Hue TV LED making average of image

  • Hey there ! :)

    I'm an absolute beginner on hyperion. Made my little DIY setup with a raspberry, an HDMI splitter, and some Phillips Hue LED around my TV.

    I have trouble making them work the way I want. I was expecting some sort of sync depending on which part of the screen has what color. But instead I have more of a complete strip of LED turned on making an average color of the image.

    My LED are in an reversed U shape (So no botom). Here are two pictures, it's kind of hard to see but the first one the right side is pink and you see that the complete backlight is on. On the second one the right side is pink and the left is blue and you got some sort of average behind.

    First photo (click me)

    Second photo (click me)

    I suppose this is software related ?

    I have found that you can set the LED setup in the setting but I cant find a way to draw that U shape with only one-led. And the default "Matrix" doesnt seem to make the trick either.

    Maybe the "average" part is due to somewhere else and not the LED setup ?

    I welcome any feedback ! Many thanks !

    Kev' :)

  • Hey there !

    Ho all righty ! That's definitely what I have. I was thinking I made some mistake on my software setup or something. Many thanks !


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