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  • Hi Johnny, I'm sorry version 20 of the plugin doesn't work for you.

    Unfortunately the mentioned kodi bug doesn't explain this behavior, and I can't figure out why this happens to you.

    Would you be so kind to "Enable debug" in general settings, restart kody and post the logs here?

    That way we can better understand what is goring on...

  • I noticed at link provided it said
    This plugin does not work for Kodi running on Raspberry Pi. There is an outstanding Kodi fix for that.

    Bummer about kodo on pi but is there any way for similar functionality?

    For the life of me I couldn't figure out how to edit my post.

    What I am looking for is a way for hyperion to only be active during a video. Not in menu or paused.
    My current setup is a pi4 running LibreElec. Years ago when hyperion was young I did manage to do this.

    Not sure if you got this fixed or not, but you could change the settings for where hyperion grabs information from the picture. I did this for my grabbers as they produce a static color bars image when no signal is on, but that images also includes a pure black segment on the right side, so I changed "Signal VMin/VMax & HMin/HMax" to 0.1, 0.9 & 0.92, 0.99. (if you enable the preview windows and display live video you should see a black border move around as you mess with the numbers.
    If you have an area in the menus that is pretty much always black it works surprisingly well. Still captures the video properly when there is dark scenes with light on the other side, but it's not foolproof.

  • bug still exists with Kodi 21 / LE 12 and Hyperion and Hyperion Control 20.0.1 :(

    Hi Johnny

    the bug still exists because you didn't give us the information requested in order to reproduce, troubleshoot and fix the issue.

    As I mentioned 9 months ago, please provide the debug log. You can do it here, or even better open an issue in the github repository.

  • Hi everyone. New to the forum. I am running Kodi Omega on an android box (Amlogic) with the Grabber addon. Led´s are controlled by Wled on a ESP board. Hyperion server running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. I am using the UDPRAW protocol. When I Boot up the Pi with hyperion, I get the rainbow swirl on the LED´s. So far so good. But. When I try playing anything on KODI, Hyperion Addon says it cant connect to server. Wrong IP or something. In the settings of the kodi hyperion addon everything seems correct. Hyperion server at Protoport at 19445 and so on. What am I missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    BrimStone A couple of suggestions re you setup…

    a) Hyperion brings a native Amlogic grabber, i.e. it would be suggested to use that one an not the Kodi add-on.

    b) You could run CoreElec on the box which brings a full Hyperion add-on.

    You can save the rpi in between, unless you have a good reason for the extra hopping.

    c) Hyperion has a dedicated WLED integration supporting WLED features which you do not get with UDPRAW. Clear recommendation is to move to the WLED device integration.

  • ok thx. How do I use the Amlogic grabber instead of the kodi addon? Sorry for the noob question.

  • Well thx for your help anyways. I'll se if I can get Coreelec up and running.

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