WLED doesn't connect anymore

  • Hello everyone,

    very new to this software, but I have some skills. I configured my HyperHDS instance with WLED and everything was working fine. Today I did connect to the WLED instance and choose "override once" to check some settings. From then I couldn't get it back on HuperHDR.

    2023-10-14T01:14:09.969Z [LEDDEVICE] Reply.httpStatusCode [408 Timeout] - Check if target IP is valid and your network status
    2023-10-14T01:14:09.969Z [LEDDEVICE_WLED] Device disabled, device 'wled' signals error: '[408 Timeout] - Check if target IP is valid and your network status'
    2023-10-14T01:14:09.970Z [LEDDEVICE_WLED] The WLED device is not ready... will try to reconnect (try 37/60)

    I don't have issues reaching the WLED instance or anything else. What should I do? Also, is there a button to reattempt the connection? After 60 retry it gives up. thanks.

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    Sorry, you are here in the Hyperion forum, HyperHDS, HuperHDR or HyperHDR are not supported here.

    Ask where you got the software from.

    regards pclin

    Dreambox ONE / TWO

    dreamOS OE2.6

    Amlogic S922X - 53.000 DMIPS - 2 GB RAM - 16 GB Flash - Twin-DVB-S2X Tuner - HDR10 - HLG
    AudioDSP: miniDSP 2x4HD - Amp: Pentagon - Lautsprecher ELAC / ARENDAL
    LG OLED65BX9LB (PicCap, hyperion.NG webOS)

    FireTV 4K max

    hyperion (classic) & Plugin HyperionControl | hyperion-ng 2.0.16-beta.1 (dreamOS)
    Hyperion-ng (Debian bullseye)
    6 x ESP32/Wemos D1 mini - WLED - SK6812 RGBW-NW 60 LEDs/m
    FeinTech VSP01201 - Grabber Macrosilicon

    LG TV Hyperion webOS & PicCap


    Ambilight for ever

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