Multiple LED Stripes

  • Hey, is it possible to control multiple LED strips. I currently imagine it that way because I want LEDs all around the television and again under my TV cabinet. Logically, this strip should only show the colors of the lower TV area.

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    regards pclin

  • I have a similar question, but i dont gonna use the hyperion for tv, since i have a rp2 old thing without use, i want to put 2 led strips in a console cabinet, and individual control them with hyperion, any tutorial that could help me?
    i already use the search thing and is a lil hard to find.
    My main question is: in what GPIO i connect the second led? because one goes to the 18 right?
    beside that question:
    - the hyperion home assistant integreation could help me to control both stips and change colors?

  • I made it with WLED:

    Have fun

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