Hyperion receives timeout error from wled

  • The LED Output toggle of an LED instance (wled on ESP32) always switches to "off" after a while. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds, other times several minutes.

    The last few lines of the log:

    Whats confusing about this is, that Wled is running just fine and I can access it via its IP on my network. If I just switch the toggle back to "on" in Hyperion it will keep working for a while.

    Has anyone seen this behavior before?

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    You Grabber seems to have a problem, as it disconnects from the system.

    That results that WLED turns off.

    2024-02-18T16:11:34.795Z [V4L2] (ERROR) Throws error nr: VIDIOC_DQBUF error code 19, No such device2024-02-18T16:11:34.797Z [V4L2] (ERROR) VIDIOC_STREAMOFF error code 19, No such device

  • Hm okay. Do you have any advice for me as to where I have to start looking for further clues?
    In my understanding the grabber is a part of Hyperion, but I might have that wrong.
    Regarding the rest of the setup, I capture inputs with a capture card and then send them to the Pi via USB. The WLED ESPs then get their data via network.

    Question aside: Hyperion is awesome, Im enjoying it almost every day. What a cool software, thank you for it!

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    Test the grabber on a PC, for example.

    The grabber is part of the OS and is used by Hyperion if available.

    regards pclin

  • Haha thanks! I was reluctant to ask again :)

    Okay this gives me a good idea where to start looking next. As I most recenlty added two more strips to the left and right of the tv, the grabber might not be getting enough power. When I tested however I only activated the one main strip and had the others offline. Maybe they still draw power though. Currently a 100W psu is attached: ill give it a go with 200W later and see if the error remains.

  • So from what I understand, Hyperion disables LED Output when the grabber doesn't work?
    Is that intentional?

    Because I too had such problems with the newest firmware and my usb grabber where randomly the Led Output toggle is disabled in the dashboard.

    And yes, I also had these errors in my log.

  • I just wanted to give a quick update: as mentioned I switched out the power supply, doubling the previous in power (from 100W to 200W). Unfortunately, the problem remains with the same error message.
    It does feel odd that the grabber is working fine for a several minutes at a time before not being found, especially as my setup had been running smoothly for months now. To make sure that its not defective hardware, I ordered a new grabber to test it. I will post another update as soon as I know more.

  • So I have tested the new capture card for a couple of hourse now and it seems to have been the problem indeed as pointed out by you pclin and lord-grey.
    I wanted to get back to this topic sooner, but I was a little busier with work than expected.

    Thank you for your help!

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