SIGABRT or 7/BUS every 2-5 days.

  • 2 wled from same grabber:

    This does not always restart automatically:

    Any hints on how to proceed?

  • Sure.
    Included 2 flavors of 7/BUS.
    All ABRT are the same:

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  • Code
    May 03 04:43:40 rpi4attic hyperiond[122659]: malloc_consolidate(): invalid chunk size
    May 03 04:43:40 rpi4attic hyperiond[122659]: Hyperion caught signal :SIGABRT

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  • Some additional info:
    When I turn off the Apple TV, the grabber card outputs a static generic RGB test image.
    Both Hyperion LED output instances are left on, but the two wleds are turned OFF.

    Have never seen Hyperion crashes during use, always in the static input 2xwleds OFF state.

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