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  • Hello together,

    i have a question regarding the Phillips Hue Entertainment API. For the instance i have integrated a DiyHue Gateway and i have managed to integrate 2 self builded Hue Signe Lights. Everything works fine and they run synchronous with the First instance (HD107s Strip for TV Backlight).

    However i have a little problem. Every time the Picture is black for a specific time i get a restart of the Phillips Hue Signe Lights.

    I am wondering if this is a bug in Hyperion with the UDP datastream.

    In the documentation there is an option for phillips hue config without entertainment api (attached below):

    Signal detection timeout on black

    Is this option also available for Entertainment API ? It sound like this would fix my problem. But i cant find it anywhere in the latest Hyperion Version.

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    Is there a special reason why it was removed.

    See the 2.0.16 release notes…

    "Switch Off On Black" for APIv2, as the original bridge will switch off LEDs itself.“

    The overall way using the Hue-Bridge was reworked when moving to the v2 HUE API.

    The original bridge identifies a „black“ scenario and put the LED devices in a sleep mode (rather powering off).

    I guess DIYHue is not doing it this way.

    Might be good to see a Debug log from your end.

    In addition, you could try setting some background light, in color adjustments that a full black state is never reached.

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  • Lord-Grey

    Thank you very much.

    The trick with the low backlight solves my problem for the second instance for now.

    Nevertheless, I will submit a log later.

    I was wrong. It does not fix the issue...

    The problem is the following:

    [V4L2] (INFO) Signal lost

    This signal lost triggers the DIY Hue controlled lights to reboot.

    At the same moment i get this Image from the USB Grabber:

    I dont understand why there is a signal lost event. It happens when i start a new episode from a series from example. But in reality its just a black loading screen... .

    Is that a problem with the Usb Grabber ??? .

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  • Thank you for the help. But that does not solve my problem.

    So I've found out a few things again:

    I had activated the signal detection to recognize the “rainbow image” and deactivated the lighting at the same time. I did this as described in the forum with the green value at a certain point.

    The problem now is that this signal detection is also triggered when the image is black... In the USB Grabber settings I have selected YUYV as the recompressed encoding format as I get the best black here. With MPEG I don't lose any signal with the signal detection while black svreen, but then my LEDs light up dark green, which is quite annoying. Is there possibly a workaround for this?

    I have adjusted the gamma value of green to "2" in the colour calibration. It seems to work now :D

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